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I went through a psychic training program a few years ago, and it was incredibly useful to me
So, finding this tribe, I thought I'd present a list of places that offer that sort of thing, maybe others can add to the list

Usually in just a few classes you can get some good basic info,
Most of these places sell books, tapes and CDs with training, and many are even doing training over the internet now (including those not marked 'online' below)

The only thing I'd add is the techniques and trainings are useful, but probably make the most sense to unfold as part of a larger integrated spiritual understanding and path, guided by your own highest sense of truth and trust

Berkeley Psychic Institute
Berkeley, Sacramento, Santa Rosa, Mountain View

Aesclepion Institute
San Rafael, CA

Chico, CA; Colorado, Hawaii, North Lake Tahoe, Spokane, Atlanta

(773) 528-2830

Psychic Horizons
Boulder, CO

Psychic Horizons
San Francisco

Southern California Psychic Institute
Santa Monica, Costa Mesa

Church of Divine Man Psychic Institute
Everett, Bellingham, Tacoma, Seattle, Spokane WA
Vancouver, BC, Portland OR

Michael and Raphael Tamura
Mt Shasta

Intuitive Insights / Vessa Rinehart

New Vision
Boulder, CO

The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii

Spiritual Rights Foundation / Academy for Psychic Studies

Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies

Sacramento, Santa Cruz

Edgar Cayce Institute

Spiritual Dove
SF Bay Area

Psychic School
online ... free class MP3 to try

Psychic University

Elizabeth Harper
Omega Institute, various locations


Alpha Psychic


Solas Healing

Western Institute of Remote Viewers

This is a one-page intro I found
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    Mon, April 18, 2005 - 9:36 PM
    thanks so much! i was just wondering where to find this list as I'm relocating to the bay area in august to start medical school and it looks like a good place to be for psychic training as well.
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    Re: Places to get training

    Thu, September 8, 2005 - 12:27 PM
    Add this school to the list. It's brand new and created by one of the most experienced teachers previously instructing at the So Cal psychic institute.

    The Meditation Studio
    Valley Village (North Hollywood), CA
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      Re: Places to get training

      Tue, October 11, 2005 - 12:46 AM
      For those interested in fractal healing and DNA....Iam doing this course which is a very onto it way to transform yr life and abilitys ...the sessions are powerful....time/distance is'nt a reality....if interested look at ....enjoy your senses...
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    Wed, November 30, 2005 - 9:29 PM
    You may also be interested in knowing about this:
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      Wed, December 21, 2005 - 7:10 PM
      Hi, a few weeks ago I Googled in "Psychic Schools" in hopes to find one that I could go to. People kept telling me they didn't exist, but I figured there were schools out there that weren't only online.

      Well, I couldn't find anything until I found this post on Google. It blew me away, thank you!

      I've been wanting to move to Northern California for a while now, but I'm not sure when my 'rents and I are going to, so I'm just curious if anyone knows of any Psychic schools in Southern California around Grand Terrace/Colton? That's where I live.

      I spotted a couple up there in the list, buy my Mom said when she was younger she and her ex-friend went to a Psychic school in Riverside and learned how to do Astrology, but she's not sure if it's still around or not.

      There's also a free course on Astral Projection in Northern California I'd like to take. My Mom wants me to take some online courses about Psychic learning, but I really wanna take offline courses so I can be around people that are also into it. I went to a Christian HS and they mocked me a lot for my beliefs, so now I wanna be able to slow down and learn more about how to use my ability with those also interested with me. ^_^

      Thanks for reading!

      - Kristina, 20, S.California.
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        Re: Places to get training

        Sat, December 24, 2005 - 6:59 PM
        Besides what's listed here, you might want to check some of the free spiritual magazines they have in LA
        One is called Vision

        The other I don't remember the name, but it's printed on newsprint, at least the inside pages, and is stuffed full of people offering services and trainings
        If you go by Bodhi Tree Books in LA you'll probably get it there
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          Sun, December 25, 2005 - 11:48 PM
          As we can all see, there are many places to get psychic training. However, there is a school that has existed for 3,000 years and exists today. Over the last two thousand years, the tradition and teachings have had to remain hidden from the profane for risk of heresy and condemnation. However, times are different today, and although their teachings are still secret, they are open to all true seekers.

          This is the website for the authentic tradition of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. It is far different than anything I saw posted earlier, which is why I'm adding it, although I would hope that they all would lead you towards greater light and knowledge.

          Peace Profound,
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            Re: Places to get training

            Mon, April 3, 2006 - 3:22 PM
            james... this kind of looks like a cult?
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              Mon, April 3, 2006 - 5:14 PM
              Thank you for bringing up the cult issue. IMO what defines a cult is: an authoritarian attitude. Also the use of scapegoats is a pretty good signal....whether those being scapegoated are in the organization or not. A cult will use the idealistic person, giving just enuff validation and just enuff punishment to keep the idealistic ones in their and giving and giving.

              Many of the BPI type schools will scapegoat what they call "trance-mediums." The "trance-mediums" are the empaths. "Not my problem" can get misused to cover up a lack of compassion.

              Also, a cult will use their most charming members to lure new members in.

              Most people only need one six week class that teaches grounding, a basic language and a few "tools", which are techniques.

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              Mon, April 3, 2006 - 5:31 PM

              >james... this kind of looks like a cult?

              I infer from your statement that somehow 'cults' are bad.

              So? Where did the idea that 'cults' are bad originate?

              Ignorance. Religions are some of the most ignorant sources on Earth...and evil.

              Catholic Church for instance, among other Christian Cults, hunted, tortured confessions of anti-God heresy, and then burned people at the stake and the groups or 'cults' of the White-Brotherhoods, --the secret organizations of psi-enabled persons who work to awaken Humankind, into the Light...God Love. They did this all under the auspice of their self-proclaimed-exalted-connection with their perception of God, greed and evilness. The Black-Sun Agenda is alive and well on Earth, in the form of Religions. Look around the world today, who's battling who in the name of God?
              The Christian and Muslim Cults.

              Everything has a duality in our realm of physicality, Light and dark. Good and bad, Love and evil. 1st big secret, you are NEVER seperated from God, 2nd big secret, your Self IS GOD, third big secret, you need no one to connect you to the Source of ALL THINGS. All you need, sounds corny, is Love.




              Re: Places to get training
              Today, 3:22 PM
              james... this kind of looks like a cult?

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